gobsmacked re delivery


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Oct 17, 2008
I cant believe it. The courier has just been 7.40pm to deliver my parcel from beauty day !!
How speedy is that? :rock:
I think I need to lie down in a derkened room now :grin:
Oh my that was good. I got the handcream set from beauty day this morning, just waiting on the hydra floral/system corps now.
Me and my mum get 99% of our items within 5 days of ordering, sometimes it can be 2 days.
I live in Liverpool. I could walk there and back faster than I get deliviries, usually they come 5 to 7 days have even waited 2 weeks before now
I am waiting on my order that I placed on 17/9.

Since QVC have moved to parcelnet, I find that they only deliver to my area on a Thursday. So it depends on when it is shipped by QVC, as if I miss the first window it can be nearly 14 days before they next deliver.
I got one of mine today too from beauty day it's never been known to be this quick but it was a different courier can't remember the name though.
My TSV orders have typically been arriving in two days recently which is a vast service improvement.
I don't mind quite so much paying their delivery charges when they offer a good delivery service, but for too long they have let themselves down with delivery. Lets hope they can keep it up :hi:
I only just got a despatch email for a beauty item I ordered on Sunday (20th). That means it has taken 3 days just to leave the warehouse!!!!!
My Ojon also arrived yesterday morning by courier. She said it must have been a good buy because she'd delivered loads of them. I've used the new pre-wash conditioner this morning followed by the ultra hydrating S&C that I already had on the go from a previous TSV, then the leave-in conditioner and my coloured hair looks shiny and bouncy and feels so soft.

I'm still waiting for the Try Me L'Occitane. Hopefully that will land today.
I've long suspected that the TSV's take priority in the warehouse because they are usually shipped quicker.

Not surprising really as they must clear a big space and be quite simplistic in packing terms because they are identical.
I had ordered loccitane ,decleor and the prescriptives mini lipsticks on beauty day and received it all today ...felt like christmas ...

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