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I've been unsuccessful 3 times now trying to use the £50 discount code on the web!!!! :TANTRUM: So, I tried ringing CS who are supposed to be open until 6pm and the message says they are closed, so that's another ****** item that's sitting in my basket that I can't checkout so will lose it. :mad: Why do I bother with this channel!!????? :TANTRUM: :pPC:
You can only use the code if it was sent to you with an order i think as its on their system if your account has been issued with a voucher, if not its blocked when you try to use it HTH
I had an order on 10/7 and also one on 29/7 (not delivered yet) Gemcherub, do you know when the promotion started?? :pPC:
Thanks Gemcerub. Okay well that would rule out the 10/7 order then but if the promotion runs until the middle of August I should be eligible from the one placed on 29/7. :WHO KNOWS: :pPC:
You should be eligible but sometimes they only hand out the vouchers for a week or so, you'll have to see if there is one in there when it arrives.
Sue I don't think that's it. As per bliddy usual, TJC were having major meltdown issues with their systems. If it's any consolation for 24 hours every time I tried to bid I was told I was blocked from buying THEN on the phone it said I couldn't place a bid! At least you could get as far as placing a bid.

I'm pretty sure that if you phone CS tomorrow (are they open on Sundays) your item will be available because it'll be held until the wee hours of tomorrow. That's if you can be bothered of course. Bliddy channel.
Well Meesh it says that CS is (allegedly) open on Sundays 12-4 on Sundays but I don't trust that either seeing as they were closed this afternoon when they were meant to be there. :rolleyes: I'm nervous about letting this one expire in my basket overnight so I think I'll havve to check it out at the full price and argue with them later. :pPC:
I would do that Sue. At the end of the day, if it's that good you don't want to lose it.

I'm still apparently blocked from buying so I guess they don't want my business :grin: Their loss!
I have no idea GC! It happened when their systems went down the other day. It's not like I've abused the basket situation. The last item I put in there (the necklace) I bought so it's a mystery! Not bothered though cos it's saving me a fortune lol!
LOL i know my pin changed when they started the new quicker phone bidding but nobody told it was my new pin number to log in with as well! It wouldn't except the discount code when i ordered on Friday either i just assumed it was because i hadn't actually had a voucher with an order! wish i had persuaded it further now!
Why is it that just as they seemed to be really coming on well that they have to go and blow it!!! Silly Bug**rs!!
That's a shame, but I suppose all companies have their share of IT problems, tjc just seems to have a slightly larger piece of the pie at the moment. Could the closed CS be due to swine flu? My parents couldn't get through to their emergency GP phone number the other night and then had to wait an hour and a half for an ambulance all because of swine flu - just a thought.
CS dont seem to open now until after freeview go off air ... suppose it means they can take more orders that way ...
my friend tried to get through the other day too, and there was no answer...but when she looked online there was a big auction on ... she waited until there was a single for ring for sale ... and got through no problems ...
I tried several times Faerie and it was late afternoon so freeview was long finished. The point is if TJC says CS is available between certain times then the phones should be manned during those hours whether there are big games on or not. Poor CS that is the main reason that turns customers away from a company. :mad: :pPC:
I totally agree with you Sue.

I stopped watching and buying from TJC ages ago because of their rather less than honest selling tactics and their shite CS. I started buying a couple of months ago. Have placed 3 orders, 2 of which have been returned.

I spoke to CS today to be told they don't know why I've been "banned". Have I changed my address? No. Have I returned everything I've ever bought? No, errrr, why would I have a mountain of Iliana boxes if that were the case!

What am I told? "We'll look into it but it might take a few weeks but if you want you can phone back next week and we'll see if we've found anything out"! How about that for crap customer service? A few weeks? I have to phone back?

I don't think so!
As some of you might have read, was waiting for the delivery today (delivery was missed on Thursday) and was panicing in case I saw somthing in the sale (sale?, what sale?) and couldnt use the discount voucher because I didnt have it .... got the card today and it says on it 'check the website for full t&c' ... here they are:

Summer | “Multi-Discount” Promotion.

Quote discount codes 399001 and 399002 for Offer 1 and Offer 2 respectively.

Offer 1: £20 off when you spend between £99 and £399.
Offer 2: £50 off when you spend more than £399.
Offers are redeemable through call center, website and customer care.
These offers are applicable to you only and not transferrable. These offers are redeemable against your next single purchase.
A purchase between £99 and £399 does not include postage and packaging cost.
A purchase of More than £399 does not include postage and packaging cost.
Offer 1 is valid between 16/07/09 and 17/08/09.
Offer 2 is valid between 16/07/09 and 17/08/09.

Only one Discount code can be used in a single transaction.
For Call Centre/Customer Care purchases, give your unique code to Agent and an automatic deduction will be made once the purchase falls within one of the offers.
For Website purchases, enter your unique Code to receive your respective discount off the most expensive item in your basket. These offers cannot be used in combination with itself and any other TJC discount voucher(s).
Returned items will be refunded at the discounted price paid.
This does not affect your statutory rights.
These terms and conditions strictly apply

Which means you dont need to wait to receive the codes, or purchase something to get the codes .... they post them on the website anyway ...


I've copied Faerie's post from Meesh's discount thread because I've just spoken to a girl called Nicky in CS. She could not help with my query as she couldn't get an answer to why the discount code wouldn't work on the website, in fact she asked me if it was supposed to?? :rolleyes: I read out the highlighted bits in the above t&cs and she asked me to hold on while she checked it out but still said she didn't know the!! Anyway she then went on to say that different people deal with website queries (presumably not available today :rolleyes:) and told me to email [email protected] which according to their website is the email addy for all customer services. So that's what I shall do and I'll report back. Not having a go at this girl in particular as she was perfectly polite but what a bliddy shambles their CS is. :mad: :pPC:

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