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Daniel H

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Jun 24, 2008
How they are allowed to get away with some of the stuff they say I don't know.

Just had a Gillette Fusion Shaving set on, made a big point how the same set of items would cost you £57.22 in Boots - even though I would bet they have searched for the most expensive retailer, you could get all the bits from Tesco a lot less.

Anyway, the host is going on about how if you knew a shop was selling the set for a tenner or even a fiver less you would go there and get it, "so lets see if we can save you a tenner" - up pop's the price £45 - so that's £12.22 saving on Boots.

But hang on, I can go to Boots quite easily and save myself nearlly £8 postage and a rip-off phone call.

I wouldn't have to wait for the item to be delivered and then worry about missing delivery whilst out at work.

I'm sure there are a lot of vunerable people out there - well 100 snapped them up in minutes - who will think they are getting a steal of a deal but actually there not.
gillette fusion is always on offer, so I expect that with bogof's, free blades etc etc the same items would cost no where near the p-rice they quote.

I always think their fragrance price quotes are a rip off, especialy the elizabeth arden stuff ad the burberry, I sell most of the fragrance they sell for less or at least equal their finish prices with no delivery charges and no where near the quoted start prices
same products from major high street health and beauty retailer: £41.66

bid: £45 + £1.50 phone call + £7.90ish Delivery = £54.40

so, bid cost £12.74 more!
Could never understand why people stampeded for these offers - also the Lynx ones they were doing in the run up to Christmas. They would have about five gift packs for about £29-£40 and people would snap them up. The same sets could be bought individually in the likes of Superdrug for a fiver each come mid-December.

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