George Simonton!!!


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It's a range that has been featured on QVC for a while now. He is a bit startling though when you first see him, isn't he - bit too much cosmetic surgery me thinks.

Julia has just admitted to being in a medium as well so a double shocker !!
Yay! George's back :D He's hilarious - the face, the immaculate manicure and I've never seen him wearing a sparkly top before. I've never seen anything I would want to buy but I like to watch him. I bet the Fox newsreaders he apparently dresses don't wear his QVC line.
he does look very strange, JR said he had been in the fashion business for over 40 years so he must be 60 and there wasnt a line on his face. did you notice the shiny nail varnish too?

although he does seem genuine and rather sweet. i like him.
He is kinda sweet & he is very polite & well-mannered, unlike some of 'em who shall remain nameless (odious fur man for a start!), very nice with the models too!
I must say his clothes always look lovely on Sharon (I think she's Sharon anyway?) but hideous on Beth for some reason?
I've seen him a few times, his clothes have appeared to have doubled in price - and this milky knit stuff is still polyester!

He is very polite, but he scares me and touches the models in a cringy way, he said today he's designed for all the first ladies - do you think that's true:5:?
I like him, he's one of the nicer fashion guests they have on - but he does look scary, there's something a bit Liberace about him. He looked like he was auditioning for 'Fame - After They Were Famous' in that black spangly zip top this aft - all he needed was the headband and some sparkly shorts and he'd be right in there ;) ...but I do like watching him, he seems very nice and genteel.

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