General items that have come and gone...why?


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Jun 24, 2008
I bought a Swivel Sweeper, which worked great for just over a year, but now the battery won't charge fully and it gives up the ghost after a couple of minutes. Maybe that is why I haven't seen it on QVC lately?

Also, do you remember those roll-up type things (I can't remember what they are called) where you unroll them, put all sorts of things into the various compartments, then roll them up again. I have mine out in the garage and unfortunately don't use them as much as I thought I would, but they have stopped selling those for some reason.

Then there were the mops that were self-squeezing (you pushed something down over the mop to squeeze out the water. I bought a pack of two and they rusted after a while so had to be thrown away.

Does anyone else remember these?
My mum has a swivel sweeper and hers has gone the same, she thought it was cause she left it on charge for to long. I will have to let her know. Thanks for that info.
I have 2 of the Rolykits and I use them all the time, think that is what you mean Backstreetgirl.
Hair scrunchie things!! - a woman with really long hair would be timed to see how many styles she could create.
The one thing that I particularly remember is Property of a Lady jewellery - I wonder what happened to that?
I've just googled Rolykits and found some on Ebay! Are they useful. I seem to have so many little bits and pieces that I never really use but don't really want to get rid of. Would I use one or would it be another "charity shop" purchase?
I've had two of their swivel sweepers, and both died on me within a few months. A friend of mine had one too, and his went the same way. Obviously why the manufacturers were getting rid of them on QVC!!

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