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50% off clearance prices?

10% off shop prices?

The prices are still higher or equal to things that have sold on air. No way is this a clearance.

Now c'mon Gems. If you want to shift old stock, make it a real clearance cos there are some items I've got my beady eye on (if they drop by at least 25%) and I can't be the only one!
Must say i bought a couple of thing in clearace this week
This one for myself 9k colour change garent and diamond pendant £27.73 now at £30.50
And for my MIL a 9k rose gold Yellow sapphire and diamond pendant for 15.89 now at 17.48
I was thinking about this one 18k gold with pink sapphire and diamond at 88 and change now at 97.38
Only noyiced the price changes after my delivery yesterday afternoon


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Agreed. They had demantoid garnet e/rings for approx. £285 a few days ago and suddenly the original price is nearly £320 before 10% comes off. They obviously think we are idiots.:angry:
Well I actually considered buying a pendant from the web auctions a couple of weeks ago after a year away from them. Had a look this morning and the price has more than doubled then they've taken off the 50% in the clearance making the price higher than it was!

Now I remember why I stopped buying from this channel - they are a bunch of CON ARTISTS!!

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