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Jun 24, 2008
I have been watching steve m tonight and he asked people to e-mail in a web check challenge on a few items. Someone called Dee said she had seen the globe at £235 or something very close. They started with 15 7 of them flew out. steve made a big deal about the price been £199.99 well what a rip off in the last week ive seen the globes going lower than ever including the same globe for £59.99 on speed auction. I cant believe people paid £200 for it yes they are nice but i only paid £125 2 years a go for the large navy 1 and at the time they were going for £150-£160.

Anyone who got that globe tonight check out bid tv tomorrow night they have 2 large globes one with a 75 quantity and one with a 50 quantity. I bet both go for £99.99 or lower.

As for Steve i find i cant watch him anymore all this now then price-droppers the management wanted this price for this item so heres what ill do. Now dont buy yet if these are not gone in 30 mins i will smash the price. Ive found a loophole you see cause when they look tomorrow they will see we tried to sell it for x amount for 30 mins.

Do they think the viewers are stupid or something?

Oh and don't get me started when there are megadrops on all he does is say this could go for a pound how much team thats right a pound. Remember price-droppers this could still go for a pound at anytime, You watch next time hes on he hardly explains the products when megadrops are on.
He is the worse presenter on there channels the amount of crap that comes out of his mouth,especially when the megadrops are on,he always has his mobile with him and pretends to dial up when the item goes for a £1,he must think we are all stupid,also when he says you are getting it for less then we paid,yer of course you would do that, NOT,there are some really bad presenters on there channels that chat ball*hit all the time
Let's face it, the main requirement for a Price Drop presenter is to talk unadulterated crap.

I feel a little sorry for them. "5 years at RADA, lovies, and here I am selling people stuff to get rid of bedbugs"

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