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Dec 17, 2008
Hi guys,

Just working my way through catching up, and having looked at the posts on all the jewellery channel threads I did feel I wanted to say something favourable to Gems given that I've had me whinges in the past.

Gems seem to have by far the most superior technonology of all the channels. Ordering, however you choose to do it, is a doddle, the TV channel has minimal operating probs, and the website (although the "shop" is a joke) techie-wise it works a treat, and does seem capable of "thinking". Very well designed and considered. I wanted to start a Saturday saver for which there doesn't appear to be a choice, so I selected a specific date delivery for a Saturday and low and behold it picked it up. Apart from the £1 drops some time ago I've never been sold anything that's unavailable for whatever reason. Returns/refunds are a bit slow but efficient. Although we've lost five days basket time (which I have some sympathy for) those of us that need time can take this one way or another and if we have to pay a couple of extra quid for the privilege, then I think that's fair enough also.

Whilst I was away I received loads of goodies and will tell you about them soon, when I've generally caught up a little.

Love to you all.

Argey xxxxx
Hiya Argey - great to see you back! Hope you are feeling heaps better.

Agree with you on the GemsTV tech front, never had any problems with it and when we were having the 'mega melt you've never seen it so low bonanza' it coped remarkably well!

Hey argey me ol' mucker.....good to see you back hunnybun :clapping:

Hope you are feeling better,the place has been quiet without you lol

I agree,GTV systems do work very well indeed,easy and efficient on the whole,though I did have a problem a few weeks back trying to check out,but phoned CS who sorted it for me in no time,so a thumbs up there as well.

Guess I won't be buying until there is another 'mega never ending super clearance meltdown' as the prices have gone back up to generally too expensive,but when they come down a bit I will be showing me fizzog there again!!!;)
Hi Argey Bargey, just wanted to say, really pleased you are back on For um form!! good to have you back, hope you very much better and well on the road to recooperation. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :flower::flower::flower:
Hiyaa Maggie great to see you posting and on the ball already!! take it easy though!!!!

Yes I totaly agree, that for all its other little foibles gems technology is far superior to other sites..

Mirabelle xx
Yes totally agree Arge.

The other thing that I think we all take for granted, is that their CS is still far superior to any of the other channels (with the exception of RocksTV).

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