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Jun 29, 2008
We haven't received any details from QVC yet regarding my sisters invitation to Marco Polo House studios on 8/09/08 :(. Just wondering if anyone else who's going has received theirs yet or is it just us :confused:. No matter what we'll be there so they better not have made a cock-up :D.
I got mine yesterday - two invitations and directions on how to get there.

I was getting a bit worried about it myself and rang CS on Monday to ask. They said they were due to go out the week of 1st September.

Somebody please tell me what to wear!
That's a relief, bargainhunter, so it's not just us still waiting :).

May I suggest,shaw*gorby, we all wear something we can recognise each other by? I shall be wearing this...


...because I have style and sophistication :D.
Great choice there Huggles....very 'on trend'. :D Hope you'll have a very enjoyable day.

You too SG......just hope you'll be carrying some spares in your handbag! ;)
Last day for post to arrive before we leave for London and STILL no details. Show*gorby, if you're reading this (as you've got the details) could you let me know what time we are due and is there a meeting point? My sister has phoned QVC on several occasions but nobody seems to know anything as the people who are organising this are in London, not Liverpool call-centre :mad:.
Why don't you ring the London HQ Huggles??:pPC:
Marco Polo House
Tel: (020) 7705 5600
Queenstown Rd, London, SW8 4NQ
I received my tickets and the direction yesterday but I cannot go! Its 1 1/2 hour travel time !!!!!! My OH is away on business so have to arrange child care. I started school (work) this week so having half a day off is out of question. I did phone QVC to see if I could pass on the tickets to my friends (here) but have been told I have to be one of the person:mad: So looks like the tickets are going to be a waste.

QVC please note - Can we have such events at weekend so there are more chances for all to come.

Feel a bit sad as have never been invited to any events but what can one do!
Thanks PPC! I have just phoned them and they said as long as I can give them the names who will be coming I can give my tickets.

So Guys and girls I have two tickets for Gem Day preview for Tuesday 9th Sept. 5pm - 6:30 pm at QVC Marco Polo House 346 Queenstown Road London SW8 4NQ

Pm me if you want them will post them out first class today.

BH xx
Thanks, ppc :). If nothing arrives today we'll deffo use that number. Awww, bargainhunter, I was really looking forward to hopefully meeting you just to say, hello. I'm taking my camera and will post a full report of the day, but it won't be the same for you, bh. Think of the money you'll save, though. This is costing us a fortune as we are flying down from Scotland and staying over. I'm looking forward to seeing the Andamooka opal in the flesh. I bought some from Gems and it was full of colour play, the one piece I got from QVC went straight back as there was no colour play at all, I'm hoping their new ones will be better...I'll soon find out ;).
I was looking forward to meeting you too, unfortunately OH is away so can't really justify coming down now!

Look forward to reading the full report and hope you have a fantastic evening and don't spend too much :D. Take an evening cruise on the river Thames Huggles if you can. Look forward to reading about your day xx
Yah! Invites have about leaving things to the last minute.

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