Gems and Rocks: Identical bracelets! (except for the price)


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Jun 25, 2008
Rocks and Gems have identical marcasite bracelets for sale in their shops. It's the one Fiona was wearing on Gems yesterday, sort of charm bracelet syle with 5 hanging medallions. In the Gems shop it's £79. It's in the Rocks shop for £65! (£64.38 to be exact). I might look at a few more things now!

Gems: UFS6563; Rocks 135014
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I can't remember how much the Gems bracelet went for in the auction - did anyone see it?
I expect you're right, Sammi, and it does happen more than I notice. I think I was just surprised to see a piece I'd seen on Gems appear somewhere else, as the channels that sell only jewellery do claim exlusivity for a lot of their items, and I'd never seen a 'Gems' piece duplicated elsewhere. I suppose, thinking about it, that it's the gem-set jewellery that tends to be designed in-house (for Gems and TJC, I mean), and it must be different for the vintage-style ranges (I know marcasite's a gemstone, but you know what I mean!). It will be interesting to see if any prices are adjusted! :)
a saw a gold multi stone bracelet on the rocks site that was exactly the same design as one i bought from gems earlier this year. different stones :sky blue topaz, peridot and amethyst(gems also had a few different mixes) but other than that identical except the price which was over 50% cheaper at gems.

This was the bracelet i got from gems. I tried to post a link to the rocks bracelet but it seems to have gone off the site (along with a load of other stuff i liked the look of lol)

As for the designs... i wonder if the don kogen and gemstone gav have anything to do with it. maybe the have hired the same designers/setters or owned some of the designes themselves as i found some items very sim. to gems pieces
that's a lovely bracelet.

must admit I have a hazy recollection of one or two other crossover pieces - I suppose it's bound to happen with a finite way of presenting gems. Rather like songs - how many different ways can a bunch of musical notes be put together lol?
There are similarities I've noticed between Rockstv and Rocks&Co (how confusing!). Rockstv sell a pretty two flower ring with rubellite and tanzanite and Rocks&Co sell the same design, but with different stones. Can't see it on the website anymore, but I'm pretty sure I saw it last week.
Beautiful bracelet borednow.Lovely warm colour stones.:1:
I suspect that most things,apart from loss leaders,will be more expensive now than they were earlier in the year,If they're the same sort of quality that is.
I've been looking at some of Gems new aquamarines and I'd say that rings of the same gold weight and stone size/saturation as the three :)8: !!) I bought earlier in the year seem to be at least £50 ,if not up to £100 more :(

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