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<img src="/images/tony.jpg" border="1" alt="Gem Hunter Tony Diniz to Appear on Rocks & Co." title="Gem Hunter Tony Diniz to Appear on Rocks & Co." hspace="4" align="right" />Rocks & Co., a jewellery television shopping channel broadcasting live on Sky channel 642 and Freeview channel 49, is delighted to announce that Tony Diniz, renowned gem expert, lapidary and colourful raconteur, will again be making a special guest appearance. Tony will be on Rocks & Co. Friday 30th, January to Sunday 1st, February, 5pm to 7pm and 9pm to 10pm daily. Tony will be giving viewers the opportunity to know the whole story behind some of the gorgeous gemstones available at Rocks & Co.<br /><br />While Brazilian Tony Diniz has been in the gemstone industry for over 12 years, how this began is a story in itself. As a boy, Tony’s grandfather, who lived in the small town of Santa Luzia not far from where Paraíba Tourmaline was discovered in 1989, entranced him with colourful gemstone stories, even taking him to visit a mine.<br /><br />His professional association with gemstones began in earnest as a business graduate working as an assistant gemstone buyer with one of Brazil’s largest gemstone companies. While he describes his, “only qualification as a passion for gemstones”, this certainly worked for Tony, as he rapidly moved up the ranks. Soon Tony was buying rough and cut gemstones throughout South America worth millions of dollars. After 12 years in the industry, Tony has many achievements under his belt. He was one of the first people involved with Mozambique Paraíba Tourmaline; he found significant quantities of some of the world’s finest Kunzite while on adventures in Afghanistan’s Kunar Valley; and was the first to present Blue Fire Opal to the world, right here on Rocks & Co.<br /><br />Don’t miss Tony Diniz this weekend on Sky channel 642 and Freeview channel 49, where he’ll give you the story behind the gem. <br /><br />Do you have a question for Tony? Either text him on 82222 (just put STUDIO followed by your question) or e-mail <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>.
I do hope he's going to give us some hard facts about gemstones this time! His schmoozy salesman act on previous visits has been a real disappointment.
I totally agree with you MissM, the history and facts behind the gemstones are so fascinating and we get more than enough sales banter from the presenters.
I quite agree Miss Magpie,..Gav always seemed in giving information,this one tells me how passionate the stones look and how everyone will stop me and ask about it. Hasn't happened yet.
God he's irritating....IN MY OPINION!! :HUMP: VB was nearly wetting herself again with excitement and faux wonderment i.e. gob open and eyes a-popping :rolleyes: at his every pearl of wisdom. :rolleyes: :pPC:
I have to agree with what's already been said - once you've seen him once you don't have to watch again because he says exactly the same things every time! I can honestly say I haven't learned anything about gems apart from the names they call a few of them in Brazil. If I'd really wanted to know that I could have looked up the internet but since I'm not intending to visit Brazil in the near future it's really just useless information! All the presenters appear to get a lot more excited about his visits than we do! Oh I hope he's never on with Jeerylooney - she does a 'when Harry met Sally' every time she's handed the next piece so she'd end up in casualty if Tony sat beside her!!!!

Maybe if he answered some questions, like the one Miss Magpie asked which hasn't had a reply yet, it would be beneficial but in the current form it's really a pointless exercise. So Tony, why is it that so many of the gems "cut by the one of the top ten gemcuters in the world" have massive great windows? Particularly, from what I've seen, Paraiba?
I wondered if they had read this forum because I thought he didn't have his sales hat on so much and was a bit more informative last night. I don't know what MissM's question was, but my husband did ask what the weird thing in the middle of a stone was (a large window in a paraiba!).
I sent an e-mail to the studio last night as there was no mention of the origins of the gems, particularly the paraiba. It was almost like they were implying it was original brazilian paraiba...'this is all we have, the mines are not yielding any more, when this is sold we will have no more as the supply is finished'...but no mention of the gems origins. It is quite deceitful as Tony even mentioned his brother was in Brazil trying to source more but still didn't say where the paraiba presented was from. To me the origin is very important to the price and it should be made clearer. It took a while but he eventually mentioned the Paraiba tourmaline was from Mozambique. After Meesho's thread in 'the drop' regarding gem stone treatments I think it is becoming very difficult to decide on what is a good price to pay for 'Paraiba tourmaline' when you have no idea of the origins. He, as an 'expert', should be there to give us the it treated? Where did it originate? Exactly how easy is it to souce and how plentiful is it...etc, etc, etc
Oh I hope he's never on with Jeerylooney - she does a 'when Harry met Sally' every time she's handed the next piece so she'd end up in casualty if Tony sat beside her!!!!

Pmsl @ Jeerylooney!! :roll: The daft cow is on now squealing away like a stuck pig. :SUE: Oh perleeeze Rocks&Co bosses.......give her her P45 soon. :51: :pPC:
I can understand having a light gold weight to cut down costs.

I understand that they're responding to the market by having good quality accent diamonds.


I fail to see how they can possibly say they're using the best cutters in the world when the majority of their gemstones have huge windows that completely ruin the piece. I know that this type of cutting means you sacrifice look for size but it's unacceptable. Let's hope that Tony addresses this issue - although I won't hold my breath.
Email the studio next time he's on and ask him Meesh and post on here and we can see if it's read out. ;) No, I won't hold my breath either. :rolleyes: :D :pPC:
Email the studio next time he's on and ask him Meesh and post on here and we can see if it's read out. ;) No, I won't hold my breath either. :rolleyes: :D :pPC:

I don't watch any of the Gems shows now Sue so haven't a clue when he'll be on otherwise I'd be happy to oblige.
I think he's lurking at the moment Meesh, I'm sure I saw him and VB having a love-in :rolleyes: at some point over the last couple of evenings?? :22: Couldn't be absolutely sure when though as I turned straight over, can't stand either of them and together it's enough to make you :barf: .....IN MY OPINION!! :11: :pPC:
Meeshoo I've been looking for the post where you showed pics of windowed stones and also talked about when the stone has sort of black areas - sorry not a very technical explanation!! Anyway the reason being that I was channel hopping today and saw Caroline sell a 15ct Kunzite pendant for around £249 and could not believe my eyes - the stone looked absolutely awful! Around one third was pink and Kunzite looking but the other two thirds looked as if she was holding a piece of black paper behind the stone. That was on the stand so I though maybe something was reflecting on it - surely they can't be selling a gemstone as bad as that! However she put it up to her neck and it was exactly the same. What do you call this again please?
Was it the oval pendant hun? If so, I saw that during the brief 2 minutes I turned over today for to see if Tony was on! That was actually a terrible bow tie effect (so the colour in the centre is wiped out). It's pretty common in ovals but I agree that that particular gem was incredibly badly cut.

When you're talking about parts of a gemstone looking black, that's called extinction. Although I know why you thought that gemstone had it, it actually didn't and just had a horrible bow tie.

If you want me to dig out some piccies and do another thread on bad cuts and what to look for I'll stick one in the drop.
Thanks Meeshoo. It was the oval pendant. It looked terrible and I couldn't believe they actually sold it! That would be great if you could do another thread. Extinction was what I was trying to remember even although I got it wrong!! Look forward to reading your thread and thanks again x

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