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I'd like to know that too Aragorn, as I didn't much like the claggy Progressive Glow Moisturiser from the TSV so don't fancy the cream but I do quite like the sound of the emulsion?
(I love the Activ Eclat Gommage though, smells lovely & is actually quite effective!) :flower:
i haven't tried the emuslion, but i would definitely recommend the gommage. it smells divine and it definitely leaves your skin looking and feeling refreshed.
I have the gommage but I've only used it once - it didn't seem to do much for me? I was all excited, having seen the original one being used but it wasn't like that. I thought last week I must give it another go - maybe it's me! I'm glad I didn't buy the last TSV then KWC if you think the moisturiser was 'claggy'!!
I'm glad I didn't buy the last TSV then KWC if you think the moisturiser was 'claggy'!!

It was that Progressive Glow Moisturiser Aragorn, I found it too rich & my face was quite 'sticky' afterwards, which I hate but then, as you probably know by now, I am super <s>fussy</s> sensitive about such things! lol

Then we have the Radiance Cream, which I am only presuming will be too rich for me (being as almost everything except LE's Skin Repair Light is! lol) but I did read somewhere that the Radiance Emulsion is a much lighter texture!

I really don't like the feel of anything on my face & only wish I could use the Mir moisturisers, as they really do feel like there's 'nothing there'! The matte LE SRLight is the closest otherwise but I'd like to at least try the emulsion!
Hello! I wondered if anyone had tried the Activ Eclat Energising Emulsion that's in here?

I have the moisturiser that was in a TSV which was nice, but like Elemis PCMC brought me out in spots. I wondered if the emulsion might be a lighter texture :thinking2:?

I've tried both the emulsion/cream and had brilliant results with the both of them. :hi:

I actually first sampled the activ eclat range through a special offer on salonskincare which had the full size of the radiance emulsion, full size pack of the radiance concentrate 4 x 1.5ml, and 15ml size versions of the radiance gommage and futur plus mask.

I then tried the cream version when QVC had the tsv launch of the new activ eclat & perfect design products. It makes your skin look gorgeous, smooth healthy and as if you got self-tan on.

IMHO, go for the emulsion if your skin is oily/combi and prone to breakouts. You should only go for the cream version if your skin is very dry/dehydrated as it's rich. :angel:

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