Garnet hedgehogs please!


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Aug 9, 2008
South Coast in sunny Sussex
Wore my garnet hedgehog today in bright sunlight and it glows like it's on fire - really amazing...couldn't stop looking at it!

My sister wanted one but sold out now - I really think Rocks should do some more of this design - hedgehogs (as we called them) were so popular, esp. the garnet ones (assuming of course, the same quality garnet is used...) My sister liked it because "it curves to fit the finger" - she doesn't usually go for big rings, but tried to get me to sell her mine...sorry I said...

So Rocks, please, more of exactly the same!
i'm lucky enough to have one and it is a lovely colour.....also have the blue topaz but prefer the garnet. They are very comfy to wear too. I was thinking they should start making porcupine rings.....the bigger the better and all that. :D
Me to i have the whole family they are fab
blue topaz
smokey quartz
white topaz
I would love it if rocks did a multi gem one.
I have the garnet 'hedgelet' and I can't take my eyes off it, it really sparkles and the colour is so rich. The earrings are on their way and I'm confident I'll love them just as much.

A mutligem one would be amazing in either of the styles. (And in the earrings, of course!)

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