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Jun 24, 2008
Just to let you know there is a Gale Hayman TSV on Thursday 9th of October.
Possible TSV is 226 348 Gale Hayman 7 Piece Glamorous You Collection currently priced £41.75 :)
I can't get this up on the website. Does anyone know what's in it please? (I'm running out of one of her eye creams I use & don't know if it's worth waiting until the TSV before I restock.)
Thanks, silly sausage! :1: The price for the eye lift gel there is fantatsic, but unfortunately I'm a gravity defying eye cream girl, because you can slather it on everywhere with gay abandon without fear of "overloading".:4:
Has anyone tried the LE eye cream?

Yes im using it now, if you mean the daily eye repair. Its ok but im not sure how much to use, so im being quite sparing with it. I always use concealer and like to moisturize the eye area first, so think I need to use a bit more LE cream. TBH I prefer gale hayman eye gel with LE second.

I have enough make up too but I might get this tsv anyway. Used to love the almond face scrub but havnt seen it for ages.
Just got this email from QVC.

Welcome to Beverly Hills... and say a big hello to a new you! Here comes the glitziest superstar collection from Hollywood's Gale Hayman.

Why look for glamour this party season when you can be it? Our Today's Special Value on Thursday 9th October gives you the glow, the lift and the serious skincare to be a knock-out wherever you go.

The Gale Hayman 7-Piece Glamorous You Collection is full of Hollywood heroes. There's the Lip Lift, packed with collagen, aloe and vitamin E for softer plumper lips and the Eye Lift Gel to reduce any appearance of puffiness from the night before, plus this beautiful Colour Compact for glamour on the go.

So join us for a glamorous day on Thursday 9th October at 12am, 1am, 7am, 8am, 9am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm
and 11pm.

See you then!

Gale Hayman
Has anyone tried the LE eye cream?

I use Daily Eye Repair from time to time. It's very good in the summer as it has SPF10 in it, and it's great for covering/minimising dark circles. I don't find it moisturising enough in the winter though.
I know there are lots of people who love this brand but I can be sold or not sold on appearances. Stupid really, but the Gayle Haymen stuff looks cheap and nasty to me and the woman who fronts the brand looks awful.
I've never been able to find Gayle Hayman on any 'normal' retail outlet, only Direct Cosmetics and other such sites. It hasn't been on US QVC for years and years at least, if ever (cos I haven't been qvc-ing for ever). I wonder if AY has a 'contract' with them?

Having said that, and allowing for purchase from Direct Cosmetics etc:

The cleanser is superb value for money (only a teaspoon or two req'd, depending on amount of cack to get off) and extremely gentle including on eyes, it can be squelched into eyelashes with no stinging. I use it like Cleanse & Polish, but with a microfibre cloth.

The concealer in a tube with a wand applicator is very good indeed, especially if you get it for about £2. I used it on my Iranian friend's very dark circles, I just dotted it around the eyes and lightly blended it with fingertip, and it was totally effective and virtually unnoticeable even though she wore no other face makeup.

Lip Lift doesn't sting my lips like many lip things do, but because I'm a lip-salve addict I go through it so fast that I can't afford it full time, even at discount prices.

The Eye Gel is nice to use but it migrates into my eyes if I use it at night, just like every other eye cream I've used, so I wake up with stuck-together eyes :( (does anyone know if patting cream on the orbital bone really does any good?)

I'd like to try their moisturisers but never get around to it.

clemenzina :)
I wouldn't put anything that is made in China on my skin. Can't stand the woman - Sam? - who flogs it. Always refers to the model Tania as 'Tan'. :10:

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