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Beading Belle

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Jun 24, 2008
My biggest haul yet! But a mixed bag - 3 items gone back and couple to follow.
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The garnet flower ring is stunning but a lot bigger than size N! It fits my thumb!!

The multi gem ring is lovely too.
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The topaz bracelet is stunning but can I fasten it - No and its a T-bar fastening So going back hopefully for a replacement. The shiva's eye bracelet is lovely too but one is set wrong way round and its a bolt clasp!! Why? So difficult to fasten.
wow lovely items. I have the middle marcasite and pearl ring that I gave to a dear friend and I have the other marcasite and pearl ring but I kept that one.
And finally bought OH some cuff links. He won't wear them I know but had to get them. He did try them on but did not say anything! They are sitting in the box!!!
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Fabulous haul BH.........they all,as usual,look stunning on you:1:

You really suit the shiva's eye range,not tried any of it yet,but seeing it on you makes me think I should lol

I have both the pearl and marcasite rings you have got,the pink pearl one is probably one of my favourite rings,I wear it loads.I hope you can get a replacement of the mixed pearl silver bracelet,having just received it myself I think it's one of the nicest bracelets I have seen on Rocks.

Enjoy your goodies hun xxxx
I had the shivas eye braclet its much daintier than i thought and as you say a bolt ring clasp aarrgg, but as it was so inexpensive and i had nothing else to send back i put it in my pressie box i have quite a few of the pieces you got but although i love the pearl rings they are to small for me and i could'nt be bothered to get them resized and often the cost out weighs the price of the rings, but the pearl necklaces are very much to my taste i think i have about 30 now lol i do like the round pendants though might have to invest in one or two of them as they look lovely on you and not seen them in the flesh so to speak before nice haul as usual b.h
What a fantastic haul, BH... have you ever thought it might be quicker just to post links to the pieces you HAVEN'T got?! :1:

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