Friday 18th September - Boycott QVC Day


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Nov 16, 2008
That nasty man Dennis Basso has a TSV on Friday 18th September. Please don't ANYONE buy it, or anything else from QVC on that day.
Thanks to the F.A.R.T.s I'm in. I don't like his stuff anyway, so resistance will be easy.
Ditto. Have only lapsed two or three times in over a year. :wait2:

Just checked my account - it's been that long that I had to search for my membership card lol - and I can officially announce that....

In 2009 I have bought 0 things from QVC!

I used to buy quite a bit too, won't touch them with a 10 foot pole at the minute mostly because of Basso but I also think their P&P charges are astronomical. Most times I can buy what I want cheaper from other sites without paying for the bits I don't want :)
I'm in :up2: Pity there isnt a community board on the QVC UK website as there is in the states as we could have let them know what we were doing and why! i don't like him or his stuff so the boycott won't be a problem....but what are we boycotting him for??? have i missed something?

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