Freeview Gemstv?


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Nov 1, 2008
sunny cornwall
Anyone know whats up? -cant get Gems at all on my freeview box, i know they stopped the evening channel but cant even get the morning one, saving money though!!!.:40:
Hi Roxy,

I noticed they were missing yesterday but assumed it was my signal at fault and then realised today that they have gone. For a while there it was great - TJC and Gems in the morning, Rocks and Co from 4pm and Gems again at 7pm. Now we only have TJC and from the myriad offers they always have, not sure how long they will survive. Still it means I'm saving my pennies.:21: Freeview must be horribly expensive if the extra 17 million viewers that I believe they gain, outweighs the cost.
They said the other day that their contract had run out and someone else had already paid for their slot but they will find another slot and be back soon HTH.
It will be good if they do reappear. However, since their Ch44 slot has been empty for ages, suspect it may not happen.:33:
They sent me an email to say their contract had ended so there were plenty of other ways to watch,no mention of coming back.
So has the morning slot on Channel 43 gone now too? It was on a couple of days ago.

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