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Jun 24, 2008
I have just binned a pearl necklace and when I looked in my 'basket' it is showing £5.85 p&p, although on screen its showing free p&P, is this only when you order by phone.has anyone else had the same?
I think the p&p is taken off when the order is shipped Rosylee as I placed an order at about 1 o'clock this morning but it's now showing as shipped :YAY: and the p&P is zero. However, I have another order in progress and that is still showing a p&p charge. I'm really impressed with this speedy turnaround. :clap: :pPC:
have just checked again on my account and it is still showing p&p, do you know if I can phone order in and will they get it out of my bin.
Have just realised, maybe you have to spend £100 to get free p&p, although it did not say that on screen.

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