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Mar 7, 2009
Has anyone tried any Fran wilson products.

I have heard various comments from reading reviews etc, and wonder what everyone here thought. I had a lip gloss once, but didn't think a lot of it, I found it very difficult to get out of the tube, not much seemed to go on to the wand at any one time, making it difficult to apply.

Any opinions appreciated, I'm a great lip gloss fan, finding it easier to apply that lip stick.

Yes, I have quite a few Fran Wilson products. Been buying for some time. They are very nice, moisturising and good colours. I bought her black attache case around Christmas containing loads of glosses and treatments too. It's a very economical company and I do recommend them.
I'd be interested to hear what others really thought of her products too OP, both the lipglosses & lipsticks as the reviews are so muddled & varying it is hard to know what to think!
Some kits seem to find general favour, whereas other similar sounding ones get absolutely slated!
I bought a set of rich creme lipsticks last year, and they are lovely to apply, very moisturising, my one concern was that 2 lipsticks from the set that had a more toffee colour to them- go a very funny pinkish shade after wearing for some time [i guess the colour dye in them is very srong] but the rest have been lovely, and they were still a good price even though 2 went in the bin
Honestly I was not at all impressed. I bought a kit with all different types of their products and sent it back. The lipsticks were like the type you get in those big cheap ARGOS kits and the gloss was so matte and not at all nice.

You need to try it for youself but it was not at all a hit with me.
I love her lipglosses. I got the tsv a little while ago and again love the lip glosses. I'd never tried her lipsticks before and they were ok. They are nice colours and are shiny, but don't stay on too long. But I've had worse.
I bought the Goldmine collection in the black case and the Tsv and I love them. The lipsticks go on really well and the lip glosses are very glossy, for the money you can't go wrong. (imo)

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