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Hee Hee!!! There is no escape...I found you!!!! Lolol!!! Hello everyone! I am new here, but not to rocks where I chat incessantly!!!! Hope you are all well!!!!!!
Welcome Princess Racer. I'm Fader4 on Rocks.
Great to have you on :ANYWORD:
Lol!!! Thank you!!!!!! I am pleased that I found you....but I still need to find these secret threads....I shall not rest till they are found!!!! lol!!!!
:Hiya: Racey

Glad you found us at last - what took you so long?? :Laughing1:

Don't you be getting into trouble tomorrow night when I'm not there to look after you :LaughingCat:

Hi Princess Racer! You have certainly raced your way in now! Welcome:D
Hi, Princess Racer... I found my way to joining last night.... ....getting lost all over the place!! Taken nine goes now to post this... did think I'd cracked it at three, then that failed and disappeared.... must be something about me.... weeps.....:(

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