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I was watching big brother but saw this thread and had to have a gander. I can usually tell straight away but I'm not sure. You may be right BurlyBeaR. Either way bags are ugh and expensive.
and to Keenan aswell.... mind you, anything that makes her look less like a bloke is probably welcome

meow :O)
Lot's of Italian women from New York look and sound like she does,have you never seen Married to the Mob with Michelle Pheiffer,or remember any of the beauty parlour scenes in GoodFellas?
I did think she seemed a bit odd but I couldn't quite work out why. I thought she didn't seem to interact particularly wel with AK as she also seemed to spend quite a bit of time checking how she looked in the monitors rather than making eye contact with AK. She also seemed to snatch the bags from AK who was holding them so we could see them properly with the result that we couldn't get a proper look at them. I will have to try and check out some of the product videos.

I thought some of the bags were ok but a bit more than I want to spend.
Maybe just a heavy smoker??

Doesn't usually give you arms like a wrestler & a neck like a bull though.......!?! :wonder2:
Anyway, used to be a bloke? Personally I don't care if 'Lisa' used to be a blinkin' tapir......those bags were naff with a capital 'N'! :puke:

(There are leather bags, there are plastic bags & there are pretend leather bags made to look like real does not however often see a handbag range where the designer appears to have gone to some considerable trouble to make leather look like plastic! lol)
I like the bags - a bit baffled by the intensity of non-love towards them here. Lisa is not the most graceful presenter; she's been like that since the first show with Anne Dawson, but she's the designer rather than a PR or sales person, which must make a difference. I can't see that she's all that much different from so many of the New York-born female designers that come over. In build, she's not that dissimilar to Laura Geller, and her gravelly voice is fairly similar to Joan Rivers. And at least she makes an effort to dress in a feminine fashion, which is more than can be said for Alison Young, who seems to choose her clothes in a charity shop with all the lights off.
she looks like she is from italian extraction and she comes from new york. she talks a bit like dennis basso quite a deepish voice oh yes like the indigo moon designer. whats wrong with her anyway thats who she is...
she looks like an italian woman of a certain age. no less no more.

now the bags a different story.
We tuned in as I like some of the bags but a tad pricey for me. As soon as my OH clapped eyes on the presenter he said "Blimey! Sex change or what??"

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