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Jun 24, 2008
Church of Schumacher, recruiting again!
Pic of my chrome fluorite as I promised:

As you can see, a bit too similar to the green quartz, I reckon one giant green triangle is enough for any bling box!!!;)
That's gorgeous Anne, gawd knows what was going on tonight, I nearly had a sh*tfit when those auto bids went in for me on the tanzy, I logged off when Ginnie bid, I was too scared to keep looking in case I ended up with a basket full of stuff I didn't want. I hope they get it sorted, it was quite worrying.
Mad, you really needn't worry. Their CS is amazing and they would never have let you down over something that was clearly their problem. Tony even posted a message to you saying 'don't panic, I'll sort it out for you'.
I'd have bought it off you anyways ;)
wot a stonker Anne - are you keeping it?

I've had it a couple of years Sammi! An eBay US special...

Thanks for all your lovely comments peeps.

I really was glad to be outbid on the green quartz, which frankly was like this one's younger brother! It's freaky when your PC bids without you even trying - and it's worse when it puts in an autobid, so even new bidders don't take it off you!!! TBH, it wouldn't have been the end of the world, as I already had an open order so no postage, and I have some returns going back so it wouldn't have cost any extra, just a short-term CC burden.
ive never seen a ring like that before its stunning,very lucky lady.I havent brought jewellery off ebay before so i think i might have a look ...;)

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