Fly Flots


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It really doesn't take you lot long to act all silly :p

When did you say the next POD was???:eek:
Actually, since we're keeping it a secret anyway ;), I have a pair as well for at home - which I bought before I 'discovered' Birkenstocks.

Some of the toepost ones aren't that bad to look at......or have I been brainwashed? :rolleyes: LOL.
I'm prepared! :p

I love FlyFlots except...

The pair that felt like gloves on my feet gave me corns :( and the suede insoles were very harsh.

The closed-in mules had dried resin/glue inside the sole/upper seams, unwearable :(

The toe-posts (so there's no pressure on the sides to cause corns, very intelligent thinking of me, I thought ;) ) fly off my feet and are very hazardous :eek:

I know I should give up, but I've got such tender feet that everything hurts *sob*


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