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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
Has anybody got this, and is it any good?

I'm not "into" kitchen gadgets and the nearest I get to real cooking is the occasional stir-fry, but this looks like it might be a quick and convenient way of heating up things that can't go into the microwave. Thoughts...?
Hi Miss M, I bought a Halogen Oven at Xmas,paid £39.99 inc p&p,for it online at Telegraph offers,if you Google it they may still have some,I used it last week for the first time to cook a lamb chop I must say it was quick,easy and cooked it really well, however I can't really say it has been invaluable,more of a good idea at the time. Hope this helps.
hi missm have a friend who had had oven for about 6 months she does all her sunday lunch in it and thinks it is fantastic her only critisism is they dont give you a recipe book with it although you can now buy them
i got mine recon from thane on ebay and it is fabulous. i love it. get a recipie book flip chart with it but i tend to just stick things in for 10 mins and then see how much longer they need.
frozen chook breasts from freezer to table in 20 mins. result! have done caseroles in it, kebabs, leg of lamb.

complaints... the wire rack is a bitch to clean, how hard would non stick racks have been? other than that, it is fab! and i love how everything fits inside it so when i shove it to the back of the surface it is all stowed away.
Is this any different to a halogen oven ?
They look the same to me if it is then look on Amazon for some great bargains.
I love my halogen oven and haven't used my "big" oven in 18 months now and have saved a fortune on my electricity bill.
So if you are only cooking for one or two I would definitely say give it a go you wont regret it.

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