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Lola Rose

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Jun 25, 2008
Hi All,

Just got my first ever Lola Rose Necklace: 334 963

It looks lovely on the picture AND video - a beautiful pinky/lilacy colour - but mine came out like a aubergine colour - a really dark purple.

I only spent that much on it because of the unusual colour - so dissapointed.

Is this normal??
This is not normal. It seems that quality may have been sacrificed for this TSV. I am the proud honour of some Lola Rose pieces and they are beautiful and fantastic quality. The regular priced items are expensive but they are worth it. I think I will avoid the TSVs and look out for sale bargains.
I dont have the item you mention., although it does look a lovely colour from the pic. It seems to be an increasing problem reported with lola rose - just read the thread about the recent TSV!! Many are disappointed with the quality which seems to have reduced in recent times.

Sorry your experience has been poor but persevere as there are some really nice things of very good quality, although prices are steep!
i ordered a bracelet this summer, was supposed to be black agate and green jade
The stones were all muddy green and the bracelet was stretched out. I returned it.
I buy now LR only from shops when they have sale or directly from her site, I never had any problems. I will not purchase her items through qvc anymore
I ordered the little daisy bracelet in blue stone for my daughter and am not impressed. The glittery stone is very pretty but it just looks babyish and certainly not worth the almost £30 if you include the p&p (which lets face it you have to!) I was also miffed that the original parcel had only the pink pouch and no bracelet-the box had been opened and the bracelet stolen,qvc did replace it very quickly though.

I honestly think this range is a case of the emporers new clothes and very overpriced.
I love Lola Rose and as others have said some of the pieces are beautiful,however I am sure that the quality of the TSV is compromised for mass production.
I bought the violet went straight back.Not impressed.
Hi Everyone, thanks for your feedback.

I rung QVC to explain to ask if there was any possibility of a replacement in a lighter colour. After 72 hours they came back to me to say they can't control what colours go out - it's just pot luck as to what you get.

With this in mind I'm gonna get a refund.

It's a shame, I know stones do come out all different colours but this is practically a different necklace that merely resembles the one on the web/video. I had even wondered if they'd sent me the right product!

I think it's unfair actually, I could keep sending this necklace back until I found a lighter colour - the cost of p+p by the end of it would probably constitute buying another £50 necklace!

I also want to add finally that the quality wasn't as good as I'd hoped and this goes into the reasons why I'm returning it.
Lola Rose I am sure you are annoyed, when I watched that presentation they really went on about the colour but I can't remember them saying it could vary that much if at all. In fact they really sold the necklace on the lilac colour being so vibrant.

If you buy mookite or eyestone you expect a difference but not with the necklace you got.
Is it worth sending for 2? Half price P&P on second one to see if you manage to get the right colour? Just a thought.

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