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Its a spade!
Jun 25, 2008
Sorry can't post a piccie but got my first Rocks & Co delivery and I'm loving it! Its a purple sapphire ring and the colour is a lovely lavender and the stones sparkle for all their worth!

It wasn't expensive, its not a huge piece, but it sure is pretty and I'll be back for more!
Your ring sounds lovely debsie. It's a great start to your buying from R&Co!

Any chance of a link, as I'd love to see it?
Debsie if you give me the Item Code I'll put the link on for you - we're all dying to see!! I've seen a couple of their Purple Sapphire rings on TV and they look really nice.
Glad you love the first order, Debsie :) I've got one of their purple sapphire rings and it's so pretty.

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