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Mar 28, 2009
Wirral/Cheshire border
The book thread got me thinking !, which QVC presenters, guests, models etc would you cast in what film ?

Can I suggest Tova in a remake of "whatever happened to Baby Jane", remember the character played by Bette Davis !

Jill Franks in "Pycho" playing the girl who gets stabbed in the shower !

Richard Jackson in "day of the triffids" the plants could get their own back and eat him !.

Orlando (the ex diy man) could play Jean Claude Van Damme in any film showing his muscles.

Debbie Greenwood in "educating Rita"

Claudia could be in "Pretty woman"

Any more ???
Mally, Nalintha and Alexis in Charlie's Angels
JF, Ak and AY in What the hell happened to Charlie's Angels?
Alison Keenan as Ellen Ripley in a remake of Aliens...... end of film, alien queen is eyeing up both small girl and AK's jewellery box (full of real diamonds obviously, none of this diamonique nonsense, that's just for the oiks!).....only time to save one of them......

Clambers into giant loader thingy & with the immortal words 'Get away from <s>her</s> that , you b*tch!', wrestles with alien queen for jewellery box before opening air-lock door & leaving alien to be sucked out into space!
(Unfortunately in this version, forgets to shut air-lock door again in time & small girl is also sucked out into space but hey, who least the diamonds were saved.....!)
Claire Sutton, Claudia Sylvester, Jenniefer Kirk, and Liz Earle would all show up for an audition to be the good fairy witch in 'The Wizard of Oz', and Claire would get the job.
Kathy Tayler as an un-paid extra sitting with a pot stuck on her head in a hospital waiting room scene in a 'straight to dvd' film.
A great choice !, perhaps Charlie could be the "wimpish" Ashley Wilkes and Anthony or Dale or even Simon as Rhett Butler, cant think of who could play the lovely Melanie role ???

Melanie? I think we've just found a role for Sara G.
Alison as Miss Piggy

Anthony as Woody in Toy Story.

Dennis Basso as Fred Flintstone.

Dale as James Bond

Craig as Odd Job

Claire as Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot


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