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irish lass

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Jun 14, 2009
I bought the rechargeable carpet sweeper and I am a bit disappointed with it, it was not cheap and I just have a feeling that it will not last more than a couple of weeks. I left feedback on this item, stating how I felt and also that I think QVC use more superior items for demonstration, they NEVER seem to work as good when I get them home. My feedback has never been printed!! I wonder why?................... They dont like negative publicity methinks....
I've seen a fair few negative remarks about stuff. One was some skin cream they were raving about and when I looked at the reviews they were nearly all bad!
How long ago did you write the review? I know mine have taken a couple of days to come through. Interestingly enough, the only review that I have never had printed was a 5* one that I gave a glowing report for!!!
There are plently of negative reviews on there, I just wonder if sometimes some of them slip through the net.
Which sweeper is it? I have a rechargable one that I bought from QVC when it was a TSV and its fantastic, I've had quite a while now and use it a lot.
There are alot of negaive reviews on the site.
If is the Swivel sweeper I have read lots of reports about poor battery life and replacement batteries were hard to get.
Thats the one I have, just checked on QVC and the only one on there I can see now is the Swivel sweeper advanced.
My battery last ages, like I say I use it most days as I hate dragging the dyson round.

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