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Jun 24, 2008
well ive given up i reckon, ive tried to get a sphene that does as you wonderful people have tried to describe for me and no "fireworks" do i get, i really dont want to keep buying and sending back as the postage mounts up! plus fed up as havent had the intstant wow when i open up the box,also fed up with looking in different lights ,hopping on one leg hanging my hands in different poses!!!! any suggestions??? had this today uac4512,very toffee apple in colour and dark wearing it now hard to type with my hand at the window!!!!!!:(
I thought I was alone in being blind to the attraction of sphene. I bought quite a substantial one when they first featured it years ago, and saw no fire and it had a colour which I will politely call 'elimination yellow'. I haven't tried again.
Hi Ladies, sorry to hear that sphene hasn't rocked your world...but it can. We don't rave about it for nothing, fantastic fire sphenes are out there, it took me a few goes to find really good ones. May I suggest you contact Personal Shopper and order as many as you can, you're not shelling out for lots of postage that way and you'll get a good choice. You may pay a few quid more but honestly it will be worth it when you see the fire for yourselves.

I like the design of that ring and hope it does sing to you this time.

is it the colourplay that you're not sure of or are you not getting the right cut? sphene is the most refractive of gems so you should get all sorts of colours popping from it if it has been cut well. in essence, it should be like a tawny diamond.

an alternative approach is to get a loose sphene from ebay and then have it set in a mount which you can also buy from ebay.

or perhaps you might do better with a demantoid garnet, which has a similar colourway, and is almost as refractive.
i like the design very much and it does sparkle and refract though looking through past comments the FIRE i am looking for reds etc perhaps i am wanting too much
Hi Ladies, I've come across a video Meesh did of one of her sphene rings which may help to see what you're looking for. I have one exactly the same and can report that I see the same fire in mine. This is what you should be holding out for in terms of fire. I also have a more marmalady coloured one and the reds and yellows stand out clearly in that one as well. Fire is difficult to capture in photo's or video but I think you can get the gist. Just click on the pic.

Could this be sphene?

You may not have seen this ugly little blighter before Marie, he used to reside on the old forum and spook us all! :mysmilie_797.gif:

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Warning Only click on him if you are of sound mind and disposition.........



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Warning Only click on him if you are of sound mind and disposition.........


I am definitely not of sound mind.

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