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Emma 1

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Jul 8, 2008
Hi again

Do I purchase a featherbed or not. Was watching the other night and there was one on easypay but just didn't know what to do. Are they really as comfortable as the presenters make out. Also do you lie on it or put your bottom sheet over it. I really have trouble sleeping all night and was wondering if they really aided a good nights sleep. They do look rather comfy.
Do you live anywhere near the outlet shops ? They often have them there for a really good price . We bought one for our motorhome and we have never been cold even in the depths of winter . We put some memory foam ( outlet store again ) and then the feather bed and then the fitted sheet . Warm as toast . I have to say though that given the choice of memory foam or feather bed I would go for the memory foam every time . I have some on every bed I own . Cannot live without it . Hope that helps .

I bought my first featherbed in December last year and have since bought them for my Mum & Dad, my brother, my sister and my spare bed. My niece turned down my offer as she said she has enough trouble getting up for school as it is:32:

They are fantastically comfortable but I haven't noticed any difference with the temperature. I have a spinal problem and have great difficulty sleeping but the featherbed really helps to cushion me. I can't lie on my back any more (I have an implant in my spine and it is very tender to touch) but lying on my side is just a dream. I wasn't impressed with memory foam though - so I suppose it is just personal preference.

If I was you I'd give it a go especially as it won't cost you anything to post it back (it's too big for the post office).
I got a 'one time only' priced featherbed for £36 + P&P and I wouldn't be without it now. Very comfortable and warm.

I haven't tried the memory foam but my friend has both and prefers it to the featherbed.
Love our feather bed, have had one for years now. When I feel it is getting a bit flat I watch for a tsv or oto and replace. Couldn't live without one now along with our duck down/feather duvet I sleep like a baby.
love my feather bed but i did not get it on qvc. the trick is to buy the dearest you can afford with a box construction as this tends to mean less fluffing up of the feathers. the dearer they are the more feathers it will have. if its not stuffed enough then it will go flat in no time and will defeat the object of a feather bed. next tip try to get a down on top one as this will help with the feathers not poking through.
john lewis did an exeptional one but £145 with a down topping this kind of gives you an idea of the quality. i remember when qvc started selling feather beds they were all very expensive now i wonder about a feather bed costing as little as £60. bought one for my mum it was so unfilled and my sister bought one from northern nights and that was a bit too soft.
I have two on my bed, I put a new down on top one on the old one so double thick - wouldn't be without one now absolutely love them. Also have one on the kids beds too.

Have the thick down duvet and it is soo warm and snuggly.

Try it - you have always got your 30 day MBG.
I bought one from QVC (Northern Nights) a while ago when it was a TSV and it's the best purchase I ever made. It is like sleeping on a cloud. I never have any trouble sleeping now.
FEATHER BED EVERY TIME ONTOP OF MEMORY FOAM............BUT.........make sure you use northern nights or a high thread count sheets ontop them as some of the tiney feathers can & do poke through.......i bought my 3 kids all one each last year., 2 of them think they are great & best pressy ever except the youngest who uses cheaper sheets...says it all really.....love them......
Once again thanks everyone for your comments very helpful. Think I will give one a go.
Mine needed fluffing up every day - a complete pain! It's extremely heavy & I have problems with my wrists so the fluffing was too painful to do on my own & hubby hated doing it (although we always slept better when it was fully fluffed). I replaced it after a few years with a memory foam & haven't looked back.

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