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Jun 29, 2009
Hi there, I am in need of some fashion advice and you guys are always helpful and more importantly honest so I've come to you as Gok is unavailable. In a bid to add colour to my wardrobe I've bought some casual to smart shoes in a glossy red/claret colour. I usually stick to browns or blacks but decided I needed to liven up in the shoe department. The thing is what hosiery do i wear with them? Strange question I know but i was going to just wear black opaque with them (I'll be wearing black trousers) but I'm not sure if that's a fashion no no. I've been bland for so long i just know people are going to comment so I'd like to get it right when they get their first outing.

Depends very much on your age! Grey or some nice lacey tights would be good and more conservative but if your young do for clashing - purple, cerise etc
I love black opaques, they look good with most things but it's fun to go funky!!:heart:
I am the queen of the Black Opaques cos I have rubbish legs and I refuse to believe that they could ever be wrong - except perhaps in a heat wave. :D

With trousers though, it's safe (and fun :grin:) to try out a peek of knee high in colours and patterns that would frighten the horses if forcibly stretched over my rugby players thighs, baggy knees, hefty calves and cankles. :eek: Boots have a nice selection - as do Marks. (and Primark!) It's the only way for someone with legs like mine to get a fishnet fix! They don't cost much either so they are a cheap way to play!

I always think it's a nice easy wearable way of livening up an otherwise dull outfit. Sometimes I try and add in an accessory on the same colour elsewhere such as Grey patterned knee highs & Grey slim belt or Cobalt blue knee highs/ Cobalt blue costume pendant but if a combo doesn't immediately occur to me I don't stress about it. Maybe there's a colour on your planned top half that you could pick out in knee highs / tights?

I think the only rule about knee highs is that it's a bit of a risk to wear them with a skirt!
I was always told that for a co-ordinated look,
tights should be the same colour as the shoes-particularly if the shoes are not black.
Thank you all for the great responses, I think I will experiment a bit and it is a great excuse to do a bit more shopping. I may even get some argyle socks Mrs James!! Thank you also for the hosiery web sites, there is definitely some inspiration there for me. Incidentally, the shoes I bought are on QVC but I didn't get them from there, item no. 145568, in claret, they are incredibly comfortable as well.
Thank you all again.

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