Farrah Fawcett-Majors....


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Claire did jokingly say she looked like Farah Fawcett and was doing the 70s thing right at the start of the show. Her hair looks much nicer her normal way and I notice that she now has it pinned up on the South Sea Pearls hour, probably to get rid of the fullness.

The GHD peeps went mad with the 'curlability' of the straightners today and I think they would have done better so show more smooth stiles than just the one with Marilena whose gorgeous hair should have been left as it was imo.

I think it looked lovely in the SS Pearls hour.

They did go a bit over the top - but I suppose that was to show us what they were capable of and not just to be used as straightners.
I agree about Marilena the model. They managed to make an individual looking woman into a sleek bobbed clone just like just about every other person out there on the high street.
Although Clare has got beautifully thick hair, I think it suits her better shorter, as she's got a small face which is dwarfed by all that thick longer hair.

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