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May 5, 2009
If you could invite 4 people from QVC to a dinner party, who would they be and why?

Here's my choice:

- Julia Roberts so I'd know I could still eat all the pies and claim to be a small.
- Joan Rivers to entertain and offend.
- Uri Gellar for a few after dinner magic tricks.
- Alison Young so when I want everyone to go home I just get her to start talking.

(Oh and I'd have Lime Tree Pantry people making all the pies and Adrienne in the kitchen clearing up).
Struggling a bit here OP, as I'm not that keen on anybody from or associated with QVC but....:

1. Helen from Nails Inc. (intelligent & loads of fun I would think!)
2. Pipa (yes, I know she's a bit annoying but I do actually quite like her!)
3. Craig (at least he's harmless & reasonably normal)
4. Joseph Esposito (funny looking bloke with the jewellery - comes across as very polite & a potentially interesting dinner guest!)

There, I did it, was marginally easier than I first imagined! lol
Ummm...Pipa, Kathy, Ralph from Honora, Joan Rivers?? Oh, I should have another male for balance. nope, can't think of one!
Liz Earle-so I could bask in the glow from her face.
Julian-in the hope that he would play footsie with me under the table.
Jill Franks- to make me glad that I've got a bit of meat on me bones.
Julia Roberts-so she could prop the table up with her boobs if it goes wobbly.
Richard Jackson-not at the dinner party but sitting outside by the pond cross legged with a fishing rod in his hand to greet the guests:60:
If you could invite 4 people from QVC to a dinner party, who would they be and why?

First off Laura Geller so she could make me up and bring me lots of goodies.
Then Glen Campbell so he could style me and bring me some of the QVC fashion pieces I like (yes, I do like some of their fashion items!!)
Ralph from Honora so he could accessorise me and bring me lots of pearls.
Lastly I think Pippa because she makes me laugh and can be very entertaining. Not sure what she can bring me, maybe some hints on how to colour my hair.
Michelle Hope and Kim Mendelson to a bonfire party. Add loads of their so called fashion to the fire to stoke the flames - like the northern lights!!
Perhaps Stacey from YBF (not that i use the products) for knowledge and a laugh!
Leighton Denny so he could give me a manicure !

Definitely Ralph from Honora........ he could bring lots of pearls and he's such a gentleman !

Dale Franklin..... the best male presenter.

And Carolyn Pollack from South Western Silver.

(Sadly only one presenter but he's my favourite !!)
My dinner party from Hell:

Dennis Basso
Craig Rowe
Beth the model (the gurner)
Sara G

This one would be better:

Anthony Heywood
Sharon the model
Daniel Green (I enjoy his shows)
Joan Rivers

What about this mix, no need for you to make small talk :

David Hawkins
Kim Mendelson
Alison Young
David from Chateau D'Argent

Forget the dinner parties, I'm off down McDonalds.

Well, let me see:33:

Stacey from YBF coz I reckon she'd be a scream after a glass of wine!!!

Pipa as I think she would be good for a laugh and might give you the inside gossip on her fellow presenters after a drink or two.

Dale as he seems to be a gentleman and would add an air of sensibleness to the proceedings.

Jules as I just love the man.:7:
Only if this fantasy dinner was at the Burj Al Arab, and included a stop off at the Emirates Mall.:4: Then I would go for:

Craig Rowe - As he seems quite down to earth and easy going, and he seems like a bit of a laugh.

Kim Mendelson – As I bet she’s quite nice, when she’s not on shopping telly mode. And I’m sure I heard her mention she has Huskies, I like Huskies.

Daniel Green – As I’m sure he’s probably a half decent guy when you take away the hair wax and greasy forehead.

Now the rest of the QVC presenters, tend to take themselves a little too seriously, just a bit too dull and dreary for me.:34: So the 4th invite would have to go to Professor Amos of Ideal World, as he is too funny, in a nice way.:1:

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