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Jun 24, 2008
Hi all,
Seen this bracelet on gems website this morning (seems to have disappeared now though?) not seen fancy sapphire bracelet at this price before - what do you all think - good price or not? anyone else bought a fancy sapphire bracelet from gemstv recently if so what was is like,were you happy? TIA

price was £249
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Seems a very good price for carat weight to me, i haven't bought one myself but must say they look lovely on the tv and in pictures i've seen.
That's a really pretty one Panda, I'm sure someone on the site has it so perhaps they'll turn up and tell you about it. xxx
Panda I know that somebody bought that particular design and if I recall they were very happy but I'm sure they'll chime in soon.

Just a word of caution ........ they had an RS hour earlier today so if the bracelet was on the web and disappeared it could have been because it was aired on the show. If so, it may no longer be available (unless of course it's got a good home in your basket ;))

i have this exact same bracelet and it it is wonderful, vibrant and solid. It is a total steal at that price. I saw it Saturday on deal of the day again, wish i'd paid that price!

Davina x
It was a deal of the day on Saturday, so I guess someone dumped/had it dumped from their basket this morning.
It's a lovely bracelet pandabear and a steal of a deal. Hope you love it when you get it home. I don't know if it's still on the web now, but there is a matching ring to this bracelet!

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