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I bought one (different model I think) from QVC about a year ago. We used it to cut down hardboard which we lay on floorboards before carpeting. It did make our job a lot easier than using a Stanley knife, however you do need to press down quite hard in order expose the cutting blade and cut.
is the Exakt saw easy to use? it looks so in the demo video, but I'm not sure. Has anybody used this exaktsaw to cut laminate flooring?

also the price has gone up to £89.99 and I wish I had bought one earlier at the lower price
I'd be interested to hear how people get on with the Exakt Saw too. I'm thinking of getting OH one for his birthday next month. Is it worth the money?
I bought the Ezact saw a few months ago but had to send the first one back as it certainly was not accurate. The depth gauge was way out.

I received a replacement and it was a little better, so decided to keep it. It is very hard to push down to start the cut, as is the start switch itself. Weeker springs would have been so much better.

The saw is very useful but the need to have a vacuum cleaner attached is also a pain. The sawdust etc cant get out unless sucked out.

Would I buy it now? Probably not.

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