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Got both of these on order but only want to get one for a look (can't get both so I have to choose). So, have you seen either of these and if so, what are your thoughts?

1. This one appeals to me because it's all pink. From my experience, the pink diamonds are lovely and sparkly! If I get this, I know it'll be a keeper but I'm not sure that I'd wear it as much as no.2. £198

2. I love the design of this one. However, I'm dithering because I've found that the white diamonds (when teamed with the pink diamond jewellery) are not great. This is an I clarity and I colour - which I normally would never go for. £249

I'm not bothered about carat weight, gold weight etc. It's just not knowing whether the white diamond is going to be pants :confused2: so your thoughts would be greatfully received.
Impossible choice .... they're both lovely!

I haven't seen either auctioned but

.... if my arm was being twisted up my back and I was being beaten over the head with a blunt instrument until I made a decision I think it would be the second one because of the design. It's just a little different unless, of course, you have something similar in your collection.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!! :thinking2:
Meesh, the second one is more 'your' thing but the white diamond will be noticeably poor quality being quite a nice size unless you drop lucky. Is it worth your while replacing the central diamond for something better then I think the ring will be a wowser. :spider:
dont know if you are the same as me but as soon as i open package if i dont go immediately wow that nice i like that then it goes back from past experiance i have kept something that i thought thats alright and regretted it because i then rarely wore it you have seen my taste from my recent delivery i posted i love big bling smaller stuff just gets lost on this vast body follow your instinct on first looking at them
Oooh.....a difficult choice between two lovely pieces..

Well Meesh, having seen Pink and White Diamonds together in the flesh, the pinkies (in my experience) outshine the white ones every time . So based on that premise I'd go for the first one. Besides, I thought you got something slightly similar to number two a few weeks back....a very dainty little number as I recall?

I think the price for the first one, being 100% Pinkies is also an excellent price. I now have a similar dilemma having just
snatched this ring from Scott for £218. Like yourself, Meesh, I'm hoping the white diamonds aren't 'pants'. But I shall get it home for a looksee.

I'm returning tomorrow, for a exchange, the eye shaped Pink / White diamond ring as the central stone should be pink ....and it isn't! Don't suppose its even a paler natural pink diamond........:thinking2:

Probably not a lot of help to you.....but I does me best..:mysmilie_738.gif:
I've seen both on air (in the past at much higher prices) and they are both lovely the first one i thought made a very unique eternity band and looked lovely on the hand very elegant!
The second one i do like the design but we know it will be hit and miss with the white diamond and as it is 3.9mm/0.22cts if its miss it will just be a no no!
So all that said if it was my decision it would be the first one!
But i think as we all have different tastes all our help may just confuse you more lol
Ok how about this call.....hello mrs Meeshoo i'm afraid the ring you have ordered has failed QC and we don't have any more stock sorry! which one would you be more gutted about?
They are both nice. The first one has got a good review too from another satisfied customer. I like the design of the other one, but I think you should go on your gut instincts - if you're expecting the white diamonds to be pants (and it seems so do others) then they probably will be. If you're ordering both, then at least you'll be able to see what the second one's like but if it's a question of ordering only one, then go for the first one.
Hmm, they both look lovely indeed and I prefer the first one, as it would be perfect as a stacker ring, as I love eternity style rings. I missed this, otherwise I would have added it to my basket.
The second one looks nice and has a very bpretty design, but the diamond will almost certainly be a downer, unless you would be prepared to replace it...
Hmm, they both look lovely indeed and I prefer the first one, as it would be perfect as a stacker ring, as I love eternity style rings. I missed this, otherwise I would have added it to my basket.

Me too looks like i missed some lovely pink diamonds today!
My preference would be for the second ring. Although no. 1 is also lovely, as people say, it could be a good stacker. Is that what you want it for? I suspect it could get forgotten about. The second stands on its own a bit better.
You have such great rings already that it must be a difficult decision.:wait2: Sleep on it and look again tomorrow!
I do like the shape and design of the second one, but I think the first is elegant and a safer bet :)

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