Epiphany clad silver


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Jun 24, 2008
Has any one on here ordered any of the non diamonique products that are the silver clad with platinum.
If so are you pleased with them?
I've only ever had the epiphany diamonique & I sent them both back. Don't know if it was just the rings I chose, but after two weeks, the platinum cladding started to come off & they looked really cheap.
Yes I have. Its a bracelet, can't remember when I bought it might have been early this year?

Anyway colour wise its not that bright white colour silver is, I wear white gold and its not the same shade as that either. I am happy with it and wear it quite often. The cladding shows no sign of coming off, and I have cleaned the bracelet.
I recently got a pair of plain epiphany hoop earrings and am pleased with them. I find I can't wear silver for long periods of time (in my ears, anyway) and have usually had to stick to white or yellow gold, but I've been fine (so far) with the platinum clad ones.

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