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not impressed.....
Jun 24, 2008
I just wanted to say thank you to Daz for organising a surprise present for Emma on behalf of all the chat boxers. A lovely and very thoughtful gesture, Daz.

Also I would like to thank all those of you who were able to be in chat at 12.30 this afternoon. It was like a party! (Apologies if my messages to you caused any confusion as I hadn't noticed I sent some after midnight....:34:)

Sorry too to anyone I either missed contacting or who I was unable to contact...blame Daz...he only told me about it at 11.30pm last night!!!! :11:

For those of you who didn't know that Emma is leaving Rocks today, she is starting a venture of her own in graphic design.
Yes Moops .. agree you are a true gent Daz thankyou xx it was good to see the "rocksterrs" all there.Emma will be sadly and greatly missed ... She was a pleasure to meet when i spent a visit at "rocks" .. I wsh her all the best in her new venture xxxx
A big 'thank you' to Daz for a lovely gesture. And thanks to moops/perdita for all the mad pm-ing last night too.

Emma will be missed and I wish her every success in her new venture.
Yes moops thx for letting me know and your a true gent Daz would just like to say All the Best in Emma,s new venture. Mags
I too wish Emma all the very best in her new venture. She seems like a lovely person and although I'm not a particularly regular 'Rockster', I did enjoy our interactions and the few pieces I have from Rocks were bought during her sessions. Good Luck Emma!!
Daz.......your are a thoughtful and lovely person:)

Thanks moops(and scorps) for letting me know to be there,I was not aware that she was leaving and she will be sorely missed,a lovely, genteel and informative presenter is Emma.......I wish her all the very best with her new venture xxxxxx
emma was their best presenter, they only have barry left now who's watchable! what a shame, but i am sure emma will do well in her own venture
Thank you daz for the thoughtful gesture, its not going to be the same without Emma. I wish her lots of luck and love in her future venture.
Emma was my favourite presenter by far and I wish her all the luck in her new venture.
I am not able to login anymore for more than 4 weeks now...... maybe beter for my cc lol, but most items I bought where during her presentations. She has flair, is not as loud as the other presenters can be, and described the jewellery well!
I was very sad to hear this morning (thanks for the PM Perdy!) that Emma was leaving, but was very pleased to be able to tune in for 5 mins to say a fond farewell.
Daz you are a gentleman, what a lovely thing to organise.
I do wish Emma well, she was the class of the Rocks presenters field IMO and will be sadly missed.
All the very best Emma - it was a real pleasure seeing you on Rocks and you will be sorely missed.

Good luck in your new venture and good wishes for the future - please pop into chat now and again and let us know how you're doing!

Best wishes,

Eunice xx
Daz - you've got real class mate, and thanks to Moops for the PM.

I too like Ems very much, her gentle style is very easy to watch. Wishing you all the best Emma and I hope your new venture does as well as you would hope for yourself.

Argey xx
Oh sorry to be a 'party pooper', have just found out via this thread (ta to Perdita) that Emma is leaving. I've watched her from
day 1 when she first tentatively started presenting on GemsTV and have always enjoyed her calm and relaxed style on there
and on RocksTV.

Wishing you every success in your new venture Emma, it sounds very interesting.
sorry to hear that Emma is leaving...can someone enlighten me as to what her new venture is??? I always found her presenting very easy to watch, and was glad to see her on rocks after I stoped watching gems tv! :) good luck Emma in your future xx
Well...I have only just heard about this!!! All happens without me.

I couldnt have logged in at that time anyay, but I did see last 5 mins of her presenting to wish her all the best.

Thanks for PM moops, even though I read it many hours too late lol

And thanks to Daz, a wonderfully kind gesture. What did she say when she got them???
it was my pleasure 2 organise on behalf of us all thx 2 those who help spread the word,good luck emma in new job may see u round brum 1day lol.
Very sorry to see Emma go, a real gem :5:

Emma is entering her own business with some friends, graphic design comp.

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