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May 9, 2009
I saw some absolutely deeelicious Colombian and Zambian emeralds on tjc last week. I admit to a terrible weakness for green stones, and was sorely tempted. Must resist. MUST RESIST!!! :envy::angel:

The prices did look very good, and the colour and clarity was stunning. Sigh....

Anyone else with green fever? :tongue2:
The ONLY piece of jewellery I'm still lusting after is a Colombian emerald, and I've seen some beauties on TJC.

Unfortunately, the problem I have with TJC is the size of their rings, WAY too big for me, and I'm not a fan of resizing, especially as lots of their pieces have channel set shoulders or heavily stoned shoulders. But I'm keeping a look out as I'm sure one day, the perfect ring will turn up.
Size N are fine for me, but O is sort of neither here nor there, too big for third finger, but not quite there for the middle! Still, for that neon green, it may be worth it.
Hi, my ring size is J
I have the same problem. I have bought three rings with single stones or simple designs in ring size O and they have been resized successfully. I was very luck once and bought J size diamond channel set ring.
I have a columbian emerald solitaire and its lovely and very clear very green with neon flashs. It's .85ct, square cut. I will be going to the jewellers to have the ring resized.
I wish that TJC would offer rings in smaller sizes.

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