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Jul 3, 2008
After seeing Anthony raving about the features of this product I decided to treat myself. I wanted a TV in the kitchen and this seemed perfect because it was small and perfectly formed had a clock and alarm TV and Radio and photo and Music player...it seemed it had everything except the kitchen sink !

I'm so dissapointed. I cant get the TV element to work which means I cant get digital radio either. Anthony said so long as you have a good aerial signal
(mine is the main wall outlet, so perfect signal) it will give you all the channels available on Freeview.

QVC CS have no technical support so all they ever say is send it back, but the point was I WANTED THIS ITEM !

There are three reviews for this on-line so is it just me ?

I'm hoping someone out there can help before I return it.......

Cant help you sorry but I did have my eye on this. Stupid question but did you read the instructions? There usually is a trouble finding section with a helpline tel no for Elonex. Or maybe you got a dodgy one? It should have worked perfectly considering you are using a main ariel outlet. Did you you push it in hard enough? Someone on the reviews said it took them 10 mins to tune. I have found a helpline tel for Elonex it is 0871 222 3456 thier website is here http://www.elonex.com/support/support.shtm Hope you get it working
You do have to push some aerial connections in really forcefully. We had one that needed the Incredible Hulk to connect and disconnect it, had to do without telly once when OH was away with work as I couldn't manage it. Hope this helps.
Mine came this morning RoD.

It found a few channels using the weeny aerial that's included but the signal wasn't strong enough to actually show me anything, I then plugged it into the roof aerial that I have attached to my PC and Freeview dongle and it worked fine.
The real test is when it's in the kitchen and it's attached to a separate booster aerial, can't try that until later as we have visitors now.
Will report back.

Just a thought but perhaps you should manually tune it which is what I did (I tried auto tune and it picked up Crystal Palace which isn't our local transmitter) and, as far as I can see, all the channels are there.
Thanks Ladies.

Sammyb, there is no trouble shooting in the teenie weenie instruction book and even reading the on-line manual didnt help. The aerial is completely plugged in, I used my main tv aerial to ensure best reception and still........NOTHING !

I tried manual tune also...........nowt.

maybe its just broken ?
Sounds like yours is duff RoD, get onto CS for a label.
I still haven't had a chance to try the stand alone aerial, visitors have just gone.
i am going to put my foot in it now but i never ever buy this non brand stuff that qvc seem to ply us with...
who the f....k is elonex pray tell!

It works after a fashion with the stand alone aerial, it's much better when I hold the aerial but that's not workable in the whole scheme of things, can't wash up at the same time.
Some channels it isn't seeing but they may work if I fiddle a bit more.


Boffy I think Elonex are quite well established in the computer field.
never heard of them but not that up on computers stuff so stand corrected...
now if it was sony,panasonic,toshiba,et all i would know those brands....
and they tend to work and last a while in my experience...:thinking2:
I found it cheaper too Deanos but I wanted to know I could return it if it didn't work, still not 100% decided.
I transfered an mpg from my PC (recorded via my dongle) to my USB stick and it plays perfectly.
i am going to put my foot in it now but i never ever buy this non brand stuff that qvc seem to ply us with...
who the f....k is elonex pray tell!

Elonex are high end quality computer company. I have no issue at all with them, infact at my work we use Elonex IT Servers. Thats part of the reason I was happy to buy it.
I think it's staying RoD, husband has taken a liking to it, he's asked me to transfer some of his recordings off my Toppy to the USB stick and he can watch them in bed.

Are you returning yours, at their expense, to get a working one?

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