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Sep 20, 2008
Hi there. I am in search of a new night cream. I have tried the Elemis Maximum Replenish and really liked it but I wondered if anyone could advise on the Pro Collagen Night Cream and the Tri Enzyme Night Cream. They are expensive and I want to get the right one!!
Never tried the Tri Enzyme range as I have mild rosacea and some stuff breaks me out. The enzyme bit makes me not fancy trying it. I do use the Pro Oxy Night cream, infact using it at the moment. Lovely cream a bit heavier than the PCMC day stuff but not overly heavy. Like the PCMC a small pea size goes a long way. Skin feels lovely soft and plump when using it. I do mix mine with argan oil which makes it go even futher.

I bought my full size pot on ebay for £38, but qvc is better if you think you will send it back.
Thanks Donna I may give it a try as it is on easy pay and as you say if it doesnt work I can return it. The reviews are not great for it but everyone is different I suppose!
I love Elemis but have to say that the pcmc and the oxygenating night cream are no good for my dry skin, they don't even feel moisturising on it, and I have had better results with other ranges, notably Estee Lauder, but also, surprisingly, Body Shop Vitamin E Rich Night Cream.
I've got really dry skin & love the pro-coll oxy night cream , I cant use the tri enyzeme as it made my skin sting !! I use mine with decleor angelique aromasessance & it lasts ages .


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