Elemis Monoi SG used as shampoo


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Jun 24, 2008
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I overheard Keely mentioning last week that you can use the monoi oil on your hair, which I knew and tried before, just like the Ojon restorative treatment. She commented to leave it in overnight and wash it out with the monoi shower gel, as it is a great shampoo and would leave your hair soft and with a monoi scent. So, following her recs, I tried this on my normal, coloured hair.....
Well, it turned my hair supergreasy, I have washed it 5 times already and still it looks and feels like I fell head first in the frying pan.Buhhhh... Off to wash it out another time:BATH:

I like most elemis stuff, and the monoi SG is great, but Keeley's tatter is not always sound, and it should not be used on the hair.
Oh dear, I would not be pleased if that was me. Have you got any clarifying shampoo like Tresemme?...not a brand I use regularly but I remember the deep cleansing shampoo was like paint stripper.
it probably works for keeley and her hair, she looks like a budgie peeping through a bog-brush most of the time.

did she advise that you use it "on an evenin' "?
Oh dear I hear Alexis from L'Occitane waffling about using various of their products as shampoo. No. You buy stuff called shampoo. The same would go for me with the Elemis. Both brands do their own shampoo and conditioner anyway.
I agree with BurlyBear: it probably works on Keeley's hair because it's so thick and curly, but for those many of us with straight, thinnish hair, it would be complete overload! To run with BurlyBear's witty and very funny image, she should stop her 'cheeping' on about this and qualify her recommendations as being suitable only for other people out there (blessed?) with the 'bog-brush' look!!!
I should have known better really, as the SG is quite heavy, but loved the idea of nice scented hair. Indeed SG should only be used on the body, and I don't think that the SG is strong enough to wash out the monoi oil, it made it even more greasy
Have washed it 8 times now, it is finally getting a bit cleaner but I think it needs another wash or 2.
Sometimes they utter such carp just to achieve more sales, I should always remember this
Tia when you apply an oil to the hair, whenever you come to wash it out, you initially apply your shampoo directly unto the oil and lather this up before you wet it IFYWIM and then shampoo as normal hun ! :LOL:
This thread should come with a health warning. I was chuckling away at Tia following Keeley's dodgy advice and nearly choked at the "budgie peering through a bog brush" description. Thanks for the much needed laughs in the school holidays.
Aw Tia... all that hair washing! Maybe give it a rest for a day or two, if you can, and tie your hair back, then wash with a clarifying shampoo.

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