Elemis Competition Text Entry - Lines closed


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Sarah Pocket

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Jun 24, 2008
Lancashire South Lakes Border
I was listening just now to Alison on the 9 p.m. Elemis show giving details of a competition to win a half day Elemis spa so thought I'd enter. I pressed Sky+ to freeze the details on the screen whilst I got my mobile from the kitchen, prepared the text (pausing only to spell Elemis), pressed send and almost immediately received a "Sorry competition is now closed" text timed at 21:14. This was despite my TV screen clearly stating that lines close at 9.30 p.m.

I have tried to check the terms and conditions on the website to see whether text entry was closing almost instantaneously but can't find the terms & Conditions. As I type this the lines should still have another 5 minutes before they close. As it happens my texts are free within a package but would normally have cost me 15p on my old PAYG phone. That's a bit naughty QVC - other channels have got into trouble for similar things.
I don't think they had closed, I think they hadn't opened. The same thing happened to me, I sent another text a couple of minutes later and it was ok.

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