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Aug 25, 2008
Hi i would appreciate any advice or reviews on the rosepetal cleanser and the chamomile cleanser.I do have sensitive skin that does get dehydrated.
Sometimes cleansers that say there for sensitive skin are not always the best option so any reviews on what is the best one out of the two would be great.
I have the sensitive set and I like the results. I have a normal skin, but have occasional breakouts. My skin feels clean and very soft after cleansing, and very well hydrated
But.................... the cleanser is very yuk smelling. I am getting used to it now, but wish they would change teh smell. The apricot toner is very lovely
i can sometimes have sensitive skin so started with this one but after switching away from elemis, my skin got quite dry and was recommended to try the dry option. i have, and it has helped to balance my skin. it can sometimes sting when i put the toner on but as there is no alcohol i am not too worried. i would go with your primary concern - if your skin is dry at the moment, go with dry, if it is not then go with the normal...i have found elemis to be very gentle so would not worry about getting a reaction due a sensitivity issue...good luck either way!
I am using the Rosepetal one at the moment. I don't really have dry skin as such infact my favourite one is still the Limeblossom. The girl who did my Elemis facials said I should be using the Rosepetal, even though I have mild roseaca. The toner is also very gentle Ginsing(sp), never bothered my skin. I do have the sensitive options, I think the chamomile cleaner might be a bit richer? I do know the toner as I bought a small one to use soothing eye compress. It does really smell like apricots and is very, very, gentle.
I have the camomile cleanser and really like it. Must admit I didn't at first, as I felt it wasn't cleaning effectively enough. But I find that if I remove with a damp cloth, it's excellent and my skin is softer than it's been for a long time.

I haven't reacted to it - no stinging as I often do.

Re the smell - yes, it is a little unusual, but as a drinker of camomile tea occasionally, it's pretty true to life. I don't hate it, but it's all personal taste. The accompanying toner (apricot) smells gorgeous though.
Thank-you all for your reviews i think im going to try the sensitive option the toner sounds lovely.Thanks:)

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