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Jun 24, 2008
Does anyone remember those electronic pest control devices that have been sold on QVC in the past? Do they still sell them? Has anyone used them with any success?

I'm more interested in the elimination of small insects, but would prefer to use electronic methods if they are any good, rather than toxic powders etc.

Any advice about where I can get a good device would be appreciated.
I know that Kathy has an electronic pest control thingy. Had one for years and never had any visitors. Not sure of the make but know that she wouldn't be without hers.

These are very similar to the ones I bought from QVC but mine don't have a light on thems. (3 in a pack, althouh I can't remember how much they were). The actually work really well because I have never had a moth or spider in my house for year. Flies and wasps get in in the summer but you find that a fly won't last long. I have one in the kitchen, one in the lounge and one on my landing always plugged in.
I've not got one, but have heard that you should be wary of plugging them in if you have small pet furries like hamsters in the house. I don't know if it's true or not, but I've got a house guinea pig and he's potty enough (he rings a bell when he wants feeding) without electronic waves being emitted. ;)
I bought a Pestclear Pro in 2003 (not from QVC) it seemed to work really well.

The design had an exposed plate that started to make a high pitched whine after about 4 years. Possibly due to being knocked by me and the hoover!

I could not find the same model at the time and bought a cheaper replacement on-line. It isn't as good despite having a larger range and variable signal. It is also unusable in random mode as it makes a clicking noise when it switches.

I think you get what you pay for.

The other key thing is placement. It just isn't going to work well if you put something in front of it. Mine is on the landing upstairs which is just about the only socket I had without something in front of it. They also tend to be quite wide and can block adjacent sockets on a multiple outlet.

My best recommendation is to get a couple of cats. They do a reasonable job of hoovering up crawling insects and will have lots of fun trying to catch flying ones. Unfortunately if they are as lazy as my cats they will give up after a while!

I bought a pack of three in 2003. They didn't work. My dog loves chasing spiders, though, but if he misses any, I stick a pint glass over them til hubby comes home and throws 'em out. I still find the odd silverfish in the bath, too!
I have been using a Green shield one for over two years, the manufacturer says that if you have hamsters, gerbils, rabbits or other small rodents as pets do not get it, but it is safe with dogs, birds, cats and fish, I have cats and goldfish.

I got this one because I could hear running around in my loft and being a total chicken wanted an easy way out.

Here is their statement of what it does:
Green Shield creates an pulsating electromagnetic field in and around the building - it uses the electric cables hidden in your walls to spread the field further. This is good, because vermin like rats and mice will avoid human contact and hide themselves away in the walls, or the cavities under floors.

The problem for them is that they don't like the pulsing electromagnetic field. It bothers them a bit like the fingernails scraping on a blackboard bothers you.

So much that after a few hours, maybe a day or so, they start to move out.

They'll put up with the discomfort for a short time, if they have to - especially if they think there's food to be found somewhere. But they won't stay, and if they're newcomers they certainly won't hang around to build a nest.

With a Green Shield box or two plugged into your walls, the building becomes a place that rats and mice don't like to be in.

The result? They go elsewhere. And your problem is solved

Quite a lot of sonic pest thingys don't got into your cavity walls that's why I picked this one.

Since I have been using it I have only heard a noise once or twice and then I couldn't be sure where it was something with legs lol.

The product's life span is between 3 and 5 years, I'm well pleased as being creepy crawlie phobic!

Bought a couple of packs from QVC (they were in packs of 3) a few years back-didn't notice any difference to number of spiders etc.

Would not buy again.

Maybe there is a new improved version
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Thanks for all the recommendations, I will certainly investigate.

I have one more question pls ... do these plug-in devices affect any other electrical equipment in the house - computers etc. ??
I remember on the old board a member started to suffer very badly from depression and headaches with no cause. Someone also on here suggested if she owned one of these electronic things to unplug it. She did and felt better really quickly.

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