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I still haven't warmed to Ophelia. Her strangulated vowels ( well, is 'wowl ') and stuttering delivery make my ears bleed.
She was hosting a fashion hour yesterday (brand name escapes me) and I switched her off after she came out with the gem: "I'm literally wearing this dress with some boots." Sheesh! 😖

Love Kathryn Goldsmith on air
Me too. I found her easy to warm to. Love her hair and make up too.
I accept everyone’s criticisms of Debbie Flint but she is still the only one who gives me the full information that I need and interrogates the brand ambassadors rather than agreeing that everything is fab. Julia gives good details but only Debbie Flint will tell me about whether a bracelet will fit my large wrists or a shoe will fit my wide foot. She asks models to wear two sizes of clothes so I can see which fit I prefer.
Personally, I do not think I would get along with her in real life but, I like to watch her presentations. I know she is bossy and goes too far but …..
I am distracted constantly by Ophelia’s poor grammar - we was etc. I believe she is now parroting lines, words fed in her earpiece.
Elidth is wooden. Simon too slow. Charlie too flirty. Craig too jolly. I don’t mind Alex but she gets too loud. Hate the all about me Jill Franks. I wish Jill could care a bit more instead of being bored by the mundane.
Anyway, I rarely watch live so just pick and choose which videos to watch. Presenters are of little use mostly, so fast forward to the models wearing garments or jewellery.

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