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Jun 24, 2008
Yay, it's available again...I would like to reccommend it to everyone! It's got to be the best all purpose cleaner I've ever used. Gets stains out of everything. Though the hob demo they've just done is a little bit fake, it does clean the hob okay, but it's the elbow grease that gets the grime off more than the product...but for carpets, upholstery, clothing, work surfaces, it's unbeatable. If you get a curry stain on the work surface, and spray EGR on it, you can see it eating the stain before your eyes..honest! Wheras in my experience, other all purpose cleaners just lighten the stain, but never really get rid of it properly!
Thinking I'd never be able to get the product again, it used to be a yes 661 product, I bought the recent Eureka brand set, the all purpose product is almost as good as EGR, the glass cleaner is fantastic, but the rest of the stuff is pretty mediocre...wish I'd know this was coming, but at least now I know I'll be able to buy it again!

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