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Polly Esther

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Oct 7, 2008
Does anyone know why it states you can't submerge the "maker" in water? I've just ordered some sachets, having not used the thing for a while, and being in the back of the cupboard for ages, it really looks like it could do with a good wash, inside and out.

Will it really harm it if I wash it up properly in the sink? Has anyone done this?
I would guess it's because the joins aren't sealed properly and water could get in between the shell layers. I would think a quick rinse under the tap wouldn't hurt but would avoid soaking it. :spider:
OK, I'm just guessing here but I'm assuming that the way the Easiyo insulates the yoghurt to keep it at the warm bacteria breeding temperature involves some kind of cavity wall type affair which if submerged could potentially get water in it. Water in it wouldn't be very good for temperature control & would also be a bit yucky seeing as it's likely to be slightly dirty dish water that you get in it. I had a coffee maker with two insulated beakers a few years back & whilst they washed fine for several months eventually water got into the cavity & my beaker sloshed all the time! Not very nice... I made QVC take that one back.

I just give mine a bit of a wipe down inside & out with Simple Green.
Thanks all.

After careful inspection this afternoon while trying to give the maker a good wipe, I noticed a big crack down the side, so it's now gone in the bin :(

Popped out to a local furniture/homewares type shop this afternoon though and was lucky enough to get another one for the bargain price of £12, so I'm happy!

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