Easijo sachets?


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I bought the same maker and got my first sachet from a seller on Ebay. I'm hoping my local Julian Graves will have some in stock (only a small shop) as don't want to have to keep paying postage fees.
I always buy from Lakeland. I have EasiYo for breakfast every day so I order LOTS at a time & get it from their website. It's free p+p for orders over £50 & it used to be that you got a really good choice of free gift if your order was for over £60. Yes, I know that sounds like a stupidly vast amount of yogurt, but £50 is only the price of two QVC kits if you think about it & at least at Lakeland I can just order the flavours that I want. The sachets last for ages too so it's not like I need to worry about use by dates. I could always find other cool stuff on the Lakeland website to make up a free postage order anyway, especially in the sale section!

If you don't want to buy as much in one go then Lakeland truly do have the best customer service known to man so they should find a way to help you out! If you asked I feel fairly sure that the branch would order in what you wanted & then if you picked it up from them you wouldn't need to pay postage either.

I have seen them in Julian Graves & some other health food shops too, but only the single sachets not the boxes of five, which makes them expensive compared to Lakeland.

I hope that helps!:1:
I've bought from Julian Graves when they have a 50% offer on everything in the shop. More regularly, I buy from Yoghurt Direct (address as mentioned above) who do free p&p for orders over about £30 I think. I do a big order for myself and Mum and get free p&p. It works out ridiculously expensive with QVC's p&p.
My co-op department store sell a good range much bigger than my Julian Graves.

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