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What a rip off!

Dyson DC24 All Floors Vacuum with Ball Technology & Accessories

Introductory Price £223.92 UK P&P £6.95

£179.99 - Dixons and Amazon
and at lesser known sites from £164 inc P&P
I would not give Dyson floor space I gave away a 6 month old one after they had replaced the motor 3 times
Hardly surprising really, given QVCs record with things like this (GHD, Bobbi Brown etc). Suppose it might be handy for some if they do easy pays, but it's a bit of a joke really to imagine people will be gullible enough not to investigate prices elswhere.

I can't bear Dysons. We had one and it was noisy and broke twice.

We have a lovely Henry now (well a pink Hetty!) and it's the best vacuum ever.
the Dyson DC16 is £116.52 without postage but on amazon its £107.64 if its the dearer one and on dixons for £103

i never expected them to be cheap on QVC its just like those GHD's

Yes but I wasn't talking about the DC16 ;)
I have 2 vacuums. A panasonic for sucking power on the hose, and the dyson animal, cos even though it feels like it is doing naff all, it is the best I have found for picking up animal hairs
I too have a Henry i think I must have had him 8or9 years, I was looking at the latest Hetty on line yesterday but there is nothing wrong with Henry. I replaced his hose a few years ago bought a more upgraded floor noozle. I have never had a hoover last this long.
I have a Dyson and think its great suction ,, mine is about 6 years old now and never had one problem with it as yet :4:
I've had a Dyson for 8 years and have never had a problem with it, whilst during that time my mum has bought 4 different vacumn cleaners and not been happy with them.
love my dyson (all floors) also love the company excellent customer services. you also get free 5 years guarantee on parts and labour. when mine expires i will renew it. nothing cleans quite like it apart from the miele but the bags are so expensive. still would not buy it from qvc at those prices .
That was the problem with mine everything that broke wasn't covered by the warranty,it seemed only the motor was.
Didn't take long before Henry hijacked the thread :54: BTW, Henrys are certified for industrial use hence the extra long life.
I have the Dyson DC24 & it is FANTASTIC!!! I bought it around April time, when the Oreck TSV was £300+ & I needed a lightweight vacuum. I get done in half the time of my old vacuum & the handle retracts, so that it is stored easily in a cupboard. Plus, it comes with a 5 year guarantee.
Getting back to the OP - yes, QVC price is a total rip off.:11:
My Dyson was chucked in the dustbin after six months of problems. I then went out and bought a Henry, far superior

Ditto here - it was a bliddy nightmare yiike that Dyson - it went in the skip when we moved. Henry is a star :22:

And Hetty too!!


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